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Sterling "Chip" William Seamans, Jr.

Place of birth:
Waterville, Maine

Position played:

Summary of rugby career:

First Started Playing Where:
Santa Monica Rugby Club

Clubs represented and Years:
Santa Monica Rugby Club (1986-1996)
Gentlemen of Aspen Rugby Football Club (2001-2012)

Territorial/National Representative Teams and years:
US Classic Eagles (1993-1994)

No of Caps (if applicable):

No of International Matches (if applicable):

Tours: Where, With Whom and Years:
Bermuda - US Classic Eagles (1993-1994)

Awards and Recognition:
Santa Monica Rugby Club - Gordon Bosserman Award
Gentlemen of Aspen HOF (2016)

Impact rugby had on your life:
Rugby has provided the foundation for many of my lifelong friendships.

Most inspirational teammate/coach and why:
Many players and coaches have influenced me over the years but none
more than Jim Dreyfuss and Shawn Lipman. Their passion for the
game, and all that goes with it, was infectious.

What wisdom would you pass on to current players:
Tour, tour, tour!

Marital Status (Spouse/Kids names):
Married to Eileen-kids Luke and Jack

Favorite quote:
“Just score you idiot!” David Wesley Briley

Family, Skiing, Cycling, Golf, Travel.

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