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Dominic James Riebli

Place of birth:
Santa Rosa, California

Position played:
Flanker, Lock, Hooker

Summary of rugby career:

First Started Playing Where:
Pasadena Rugby Football Club (1998)

Clubs represented and Years:
Pasadena Rugby Football Club (1998-1999)
Santa Monica Rugby Club (2000-2012) National Champions (2005, 2006)
Eastern Suburbs - Sydney, AUS (2001)

Territorial/National Representative Teams and years:
Southern California Griffins (2001-2005) National Champions (2003)

No of Caps (if applicable):

No of International Matches (if applicable):

Tours: Where, With Whom and Years:
Rugby World Cup - Pasadena RFC (1999)
Maggotfest - Pasadena RFC (1999, 2000)

Awards and Recognition:
Santa Monica Rugby Club -
Craig Sweeney Award (2001)
Santa Monica Rugby Club - Gordon Bosserman Award (2009, 2010)

Impact rugby had on your life:
At the age of 23, I attended my best friend's funeral on a Friday. I played
in a match that night. Nothing has provided comfort, camaraderie, and competitive greatness like the rugby pitch.

Most inspirational teammate/coach and why:
Non-rugby coach: Erv Chambliss (Columbia University Football) taught
me one of my greatest life lessons - behind every player exists a person that matters infinitely more than the sum of what they produce; love that person.

Rugby coach: Stuart Krohn (Santa Monica Rugby Club) showed me all
the great things we can achieve through sheer force of will. Talent helps; determination matters more.

Teammate: Jeremy Meyer (Santa Monica Rugby Club) has always made
me laugh and always made me look forward to trainings and games.

What wisdom would you pass on to current players:
Play for as long as you can. The window of time to play a competitive
contact sport gets smaller each day of your life.

Marital Status (Spouse/Kids names):
I married Jennifer in 2006. The birth of our first child represented
the conclusion of one of the greatest years of my life - rugby national championships, marriage, and fatherhood. We have four children,
Philip, Elizabeth, Catherine and James.

Favorite quote:
"If it's all the same to you, I'll drive that tanker." - Mad Max Rockatansky

Olympic lifting, coaching my children

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