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Jeremy Meyer

Place of birth:
Suresnes, France

Position played:
No. 8, Prop

Summary of rugby career:

First Started Playing Where:
Plasir Rugby Club, France

Clubs represented and Years:
Plasir Rugby Club, France
Stade Francais, France
Santa Monica Ruby Club (1998-2005)
Valley Rugby Club - Hong Kong (2006-2008)
Hong Kong Football Club (2012-2014)

Territorial/National Representative Teams and years:
Southern California Griffins

No of Caps (if applicable):

No of International Matches (if applicable):

Tours: Where, With Whom and Years:
Bangkok and Manilla - Valley Rugby Club
Singapore and Mongolia - Hong Kong Football Club

Awards and Recognition:
Santa Monica Rugby Club - Craig Sweeney Award (2000)
Santa Monica Rugby Club - Shawn Lipman Award (2005)

Impact rugby had on your life:
Rugby helped me build relationships I will cherish my whole life.
Only rugby players can understand this.

Most inspirational teammate/coach and why:
Dominic Riebli for leading by example and bringing enthusiasm and
positive energy. Stu Krohn for raising expectations. Clinton Davis
for being Clinton Davis.

What wisdom would you pass on to current players:
Enjoy every moment, It always goes by too fast.

Marital Status (Spouse/Kids names):
Wife - Catharina
Daughter - Elia

Favorite quote:
"Don't pass the F.........g ball" - Stu Krohn


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