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Richard (Rick) William Lemmens

Place of birth:
Lynwood, California

Position played:
Second Row

Summary of rugby career:

First Started Playing Where:
UCLA (1974)

Clubs represented and Years:
UCLA (1968-1978)
Santa Monica Rugby Club (1974-1976)
Santa Monica Rugby Club (1977-1989)

Territorial/National Representative Teams and years:

No of Caps (if applicable):

No of International Matches (if applicable):

Tours: Where, With Whom and Years:
England & Ireland (1976) - Old Frothonians
New Zealand & Australia (1987) - Old Frothonians

Awards and Recognition:
Santa Monica Rugby Club - Craig Sweeney Award (1985

Impact rugby had on your life:
So many things! But mostly my work ethic and many lasting friendships.

Most inspirational teammate/coach and why:
Alex Pop taught me that one doesn't have to be an exceptional athlete to be an important teammate and contributor on the field. One only needs to commit himself to his position's responsibilities and always do the little things that it takes to support your teammates.

Ron Guss exemplified how to be passionate and dedicated to fiercely competitive rugby while at the same time have love of FUN and comraderie.

What wisdom would you pass on to current players:
Do not take the sport or your health for granted. Time is fleeting, so enjoy the game for as long as you can.

Marital Status (Spouse/Kids names):
Married to Alice for 30 years with 1 son, Duke, 28 and 1 daughter,
Lauren, 27.

Favorite quote:
"The Golden Rule" (do unto others...)

Family, watching football and rugby, hiking and fishing.

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