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Aaron Blatt

Place of birth:
Los Angeles, California

Position played:

Summary of rugby career:

First Started Playing Where:

Started playing rugby in college 94-98 at San Diego State University. I started of as flanker, then moved to Hooker my Junior year. It proved to be a good move, making captain and collegiate All American team the next two years. I had planned on staying in San Diego and playing for OMBAC, but decided to follow my college coach and go play for Huntington Beach. I played for the Unicorns for a year (1999). We had a good team and won so-cal and made it to the sweet 16. The next summer I went to Australia, to gain some experience. I played for Southern District rugby club in Sydney. Had a great time, and got to see and play some really good rugby. After I came home, I decided to move back to the San Fernando Valley. That's how I ended up with Santa Monica in 2000. Played 9 yrs for the Dolphins starting in 2000, I was captain from 03-07, winning 2 championships in 05 and 06. I was also privilrged to play with the US Maccabiah side in 01 and 05 both times winning the silver metal. Best rugby tour ever. Last couple of years I have helped out coaching with the Santa Monica 3rd side, the Kelp.

Clubs represented and Years:
San Diego State University Aztecs (1994-1998)
Hunington Beach Unicorns (1999-2000)
Santa Monica Rugby Club (2000-2009)

Territorial/National Representative Teams and years:
Collegiate All -American (1997 & 1998)
Southern California Collegiate Griffins (1997-1998)Mens
Southern California Griffins (2001-2004)
US Maccabiah (2001 & 2005)

No of Caps (if applicable):

No of International Matches (if applicable):

Tours: Where, With Whom and Years:
Wales - College team (1998)
Israel - US Maccabiah (2001 & 2005)

Awards and Recognition:
San Diego State University - Club player of the year (1998)
Southern California RFU - Player of the Year (2006)
Santa Monica Rugby Club - Craig SweeneyAward (2003, 2004, 2005)
Santa Monica Rugby Club - Shawn Lipman Award (2002, 2004, 2005)

Impact rugby had on your life:
Good or Bad. I'll start with the good. Rugby made me the man that I am today. An argument can be made if that is good or bad, but I think it was good. Rugby teaches respect, honor, and sacrifice. It gives you the tools to tackle the game of life. It's given me the tenacity to run my own business and persevere thru hard times. Mental toughness, and the strength to never give up. Negative impacts would be the injuries you carry for the rest of your life. But definitely worth it.

Most inspirational teammate/coach and why:
I derived inspiration from all my teammates. Anytime you watch a player who is in the zone, it lifts up all the players around him. I always respected anyone who had the guts the to play the game of rugby. You put your body on the line every game, and it truly does separate the men form the boys. As for an inspirational coach it would have to be Stew Krohn. He displayed a passion and love for the game that I had never seen before. When expectation are high, you have no choice but to rise to the occasion. Thats what Stew did, he expected your best every game, and would let you know if he felt otherwise.

What wisdom would you pass on to current players:
Enjoy the moment.

Marital Status (Spouse/Kids names):
Married to Jessica Blatt - Kids Kayla and Jake Blatt

Favorite quote:
"I'll be back" (Terminator)

Skateboarding, motorcycle riding

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